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Is the rate of #divorce up among #BabyBoomers? Fred Klarer, chief divorce mediator at the Long Island Counseling Center says, “The real issue is communication. They replaced communication with things to do, and suddenly it’s just the two of them and they don’t know what to do.”

Why are #BabyBoomers experiencing depression? Wizdom Powell of @UConnHDI says it could have to do w/ how they were raised: “Many may have been reluctant to open up because of societal and familial expectations to be strong when coping with problems.” #mentalhealth #fullstoryWSHU

Is the #BabyBoomer generation having a rough time? Some research says economic roller coasters and skyrocketing #divorce rates have created a depressed generation. The #mentalhealth of the Baby Boomers, live @ 1PM on 89.9FM and https://t.co/cTNCBrIdUr (David Cassolato/Pexels)

#Ecigarettes, sugary drinks, recreational #marijuana...CT and NY have passed or are considering bills that would tax these vices to bring in revenue. But is it worth the pay off? The price of taxing sin, live @ 1PM on 89.9FM and https://t.co/cTNCBrIdUr.

Dr. Mary Jo Mason of @sacredheartuniv’s Maureen Hamilton Wellness Center says student athletes often sacrifice social lives, & playing their sport is more like a job: “The sport they love so much that they came here to play is no longer the fun sport they played in high school.”

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