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The 99.1 PLR @Road_Ready_Cars Cash Cow mooo-ves in all day today!

Listen at 9a, 1p & 4p for your shot at winning $200 and be entered to win a chance at $500,000!

Impractical Jokers @truTVjokers The Cranjis McBasketball World Comedy Tour starring #TheTenderloins comes to @Webster_Arena January 18, 2019! Tickets on sale Friday!

Listen to @ChazandAJ this week to win tickets!

.@ChazandAJ were talking about a monkey driving a bus in #DumbAssNews, but the focus abruptly shifted to Pam's weird throat noise.

LISTEN: https://t.co/7LohdPhgmh

Hay Hay Hey! Hairball time!

Listen at 10pm as @RyanRobertsCT digs deep into the #Hairball Vault & plays a classic tune from @JudasPriest! #WhateverRocks

.@ChazandAJ had #StreetPete in studio with court audio from Manchester, where Jeff was in on graffiti charges, and Keith sounded like he showed up for a DUI charge still drunk.

LISTEN: https://t.co/vjndLovh7m

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