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Danbury, Connecticut

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All #July4 weekend we're turned off the slow songs and are only playing the best party songs! 🎉 🇺🇸 Have a great Fourth of July!

.@AnnaAndRaven are giving Raven's brain a week off for the holiday week! It's the week YOU *CAN* BEAT RAVEN! We're going to replay some of our favorite times when Raven lost! Get ready because you'll have your chance to beat him on Monday, July 6 for $600! 💵💵💵

.@AnnaAndRaven #CouplesCourt: Robert has been messaging his ex-girlfriend on Facebook and says it’s completely innocent. ⌨️ They're just friends having a chat! Andy however is NOT ok with it and claims it is inappropriate and needs to stop immediately. Whose side are you on?

Happy 8th birthday Tyler! We got to be in his birthday parade in Orange. He’s a HUGE @AnnaAndRaven fan, which we are too! 😂 Hope you had a great birthday! 🎂🎉

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