“Star 99.9”
Studio Contest Line: (800) 330-9999
Website: http://www.star999.com
Format: Adult Contemporary
Bridgeport, Connecticut


They were on a break and he shortly dated one of her old sorority sisters...and never told her when they got back together. Was he wrong for not mentioning it? @hondaofwestport Couple's Court!

Metal bands and perms were the 80s, grunge and Friends was the 90s, the internet boom was the early 2000s, what will this decade be remembered for?

So sad to learn the news of Denise D’Ascenzo passing this evening. She will be greatly missed by so many. Our thoughts are with her family, friends and team at @WFSBnews https://www.wfsb.com/longtime-wfsb-family-member-and-friend-denise-d-ascenzo-has/article_0af2fa40-1954-11ea-b1f8-971f2a9eccbb.html

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