“The Mountain”
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Denver, Colorado

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It’s Vets day. Plz Stop by Dave & Busters and make a donation to Project Sanctuary. Get a ⁦@995themountain⁩ T-shirt. #mtnofgratituderadiothon

Wonderful morning with @HeatherEhle_PS @hartwizzle @mikecasey24 for the @995themountain Mountain of Gratitude benefiting @ProSanctuary - thanks for having me on, as a veteran PS is near & dear to my heart! 🇺🇸💛#VeteransDay18 #MondayMotivation

Listen to the story of Bonnie Walton, who moved her entire family from Indiana to Colorado to work with @ProSanctuary https://t.co/928XsnKwb6 #MountainOfGratitude

Listen to the story of Joshua Deeds, a veteran who's been helped by @ProSanctuary https://t.co/XoYpeaoBxR #MountainOfGratitude

Thanks to Robert Boyer of Aurora for donating $1000 for @ProSanctuary!!! #MountainOfGratitude

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