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Civil liberties advocates warn the Capitol attack could lead to new police and surveillance powers.

And if history is a guide, they say, those powers could be used against Black people and other people of color in the justice system — not white rioters.

Prosecutors in Georgia appeared to move closer to opening a criminal investigation of President Trump over his attempts to overturn the results of the state’s 2020 election.

Florida groups call out Spanish-language radio shows for spreading lies and misinformation

"When you see those talking points reiterated on such a steady stream in Spanish-language media, it's really a cause for concern," said @HungrySofia via @nbcnews

The affordable housing crisis, thousands of looming evictions, the discriminatory practices that shut low-income families out of safe and affordable housing...Fresno is facing disaster. Women like Jessica, mothers with little ones, bear the brunt of it.

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