“Southern California’s Best Rock”
Studio Request Line: (800) 955-KLOS
Website: http://www.955klos.com
Forum: Classic Rock
Los Angeles, CA


Tonight at 7pm @budlight Presents Check One...Two LIVE at SeaLegs at the Beach. Free show with @PinkSlips97 & @ThemEvils. First band hits the stage at 7pm, don't miss it! https://t.co/587NfySqdW #sponsored

Miss your chances this morning? Well you've got two more chances of the day, text the keyword to 95819 at the top of the hour: https://t.co/LYy3sMHKt5

YES, you heard right! YES is going to be hitting the KLOS @subaru_usa LIVE stage! Click here for all the details: https://t.co/9vNL3DRaWq

We have your plans for August 26th, it's the @next2rock regional finale! Tickets are on sale NOW! Get them before they're gone: https://t.co/Q42350ZhDX

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