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Seemed like the perfect episode to download and watch while waiting for my son at soccer practice. #ad Soccer Dad's need an escape too. Thanks #Xfinity

What new TV shows (Stumptown) or returning series (This Is Us) are on your must see list this fall? While I wait (on air w/ RCain), thanks #Xfinity for the free samples - HBO, Showtime, Epix - Whaaat?! #ad Coolness! How are you filling your anticipation time?

Once the school supplies are purchased and new clothes, shoes, and uniforms are a done deal, it's time for a back-to-school movie. #ad Here's a few the #Xfinity X1 Voice Remote brought up: Breakfast Club, Mean Girls, School of Rock, Grease. My Fav...FBDO! What's your favorite?

Me: Let's put a band aid on that cut son.
Son: Don't make me take a bath tonight, Dad.
Me: Why?
Son: Sharks can smell blood miles away!
Me: Nice try, son!
Obviously we've been watching too much Shark Week!
#Xfinity stream app screen shot confirms it. #ad
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