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On my trip to Hollywood we got to see the the special effects warehouse at Paramount Studios. Can you name the Actors that these busts belong to? -Rick https://t.co/KjnMU16sdI

Wildlife World Zoo Wed with Kristy. Don’t let his looks scare you, this guy is as cuddly as a puppy or kitty! https://t.co/KjnMU16sdI https://t.co/MqaL5AP7dV

CARRIE UNDERWOOD revealed over the weekend that she's been through three miscarriages in the past two years. -Billy https://t.co/7pltXcakMb
https://t.co/Y5Uzj0mznR https://t.co/Y5Uzj0mznR

At around 6:45, we’ll be Riding the Old Hollywood Trail. Our pal Charlie LeSueur fills us in in the legend of Ray “Crash” Corrigan and his FAMOUS chin! https://t.co/KjnMU16sdI

Peaches the Alpaca is taking the cuteness level to an 11! One of the newest additions to the Wildlife World Zoo Family! https://t.co/KjnMU16sdI https://t.co/Qr7Xfos6gm

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