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In Honor of Father's Day, Wildlife World Zoo, Aquarium & Safari Park Announces that Crockette, the Sea Lion will be a Father for a 3rd Time! This will be a significant birth for Wildlife World, as well as for marine mammal enthusiasts and conservationists alike.

Are you loving this weather?.... or do you have to change your shirt twice a day?!?!? @nikoontheair #koolradio @ KOOLradio https://t.co/4d4LYfWbaZ

A great way to beat the heat out here in Arizona is to make sure we are staying hydrated. But did you know the average human would need to drink about four plastic bottles per day to be healthy? That’s a lot of plastic that can make its way into our oceans!

Have you seen this thief!!!! I talked about my sons “sharing” issues on the air this morning. Here’s video proof. @nikoontheair #thenikoshow @ KOOLradio https://t.co/r34hSu4d5t

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