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The first step for scientists hoping to bring the lanternfly’s lone predator, a small wasp, into the country is to prove be the latest in a long line of people bringing in one troublesome invasive species to combat another.

The filing in New York follows the Sackler family agreeing to relinquish ownership of the lucrative company. The family also agreed to provide $3 billion in cash over several years and future revenue from the sale of OxyContin.

The court says its ruling is limited to only the creation of custom wedding invitations by the artists and isn't a blanket exemption from the ordinance for all their business operations.

When the USDA announced that it would move two branches out of Washington, forcing a choice of either relocating — in many cases uprooting families to do it — or keeping their jobs, many saw an effort to tear down the agencies.

The arrest came after plans by the Black Student Union to protest Friday over their dissatisfaction with how campus police handled the situation.

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