“Tucson’s Real Classic Rock”
Studio Request Line: (520) 880-KLPX (5579)
Website: http://www.klpx.com
Forum: Classic Rock
Tucson, Arizona

or play livestream here


We love all of your memories and need more.... https://t.co/RZnABH9Rkk

Hang w/Beth Simmons for the Big Game w/Big Prize giveaways!!! https://t.co/Smiadj2DVw

It's that time of year again... https://t.co/NAmh2QTD69

Steve Perry is turning 70 on Tuesday and Jay Boni is playing Journey sometime after 12:30 AM to celebrate! So if you're driving home after the Winger show or going out tune in to KLPX. https://t.co/7f4guKUgUl

Do you agree with that? If not, put your suggestion in the comment section.

Got David Bowie coming up after 5:30 PM! https://t.co/msBsOaajQx

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