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Have you heard us play the new Five Finger Death Punch yet? Here is a nice little behind the scenes look at Sham Pain for you to scope out. -Avery Nevae https://t.co/01zTXqQfSz

We have those bad boys in Nothing More hitting The Rialto for you on July 28th with Bad Wolves and Eyes Set To Kill. Find more info on that and other shows at the link below for our Concert Calender. I have this song coming up... https://t.co/LQ1Ve66xZb

If you’re getting ready for bed, make sure you tune back in with us tomorrow so we can help you start up your day. The Billy Madison Show is back at 6AM!

https://t.co/LaGqjaMuko https://t.co/LaGqjaMuko

We have more stuff for you to win from us this weekend! You ready for another Revenge of The 90's Memorial Day Weekend? We know we are! -Avery Nevae https://t.co/bttIGVHc5A

Pretty cool video commentary from Jonathan Davis. -Avery Nevae https://t.co/TPSzD0C0SS

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