“93 (Kaff) Country”
Studio Request Line: (928) 779-5151
Website: https://kaff.gcmaz.com
Format: Country
Flagstaff, Arizona

or play live stream here


And then their were 8......

Your favorite burgers that just moved on to the Eat Eight!
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It's Munch Madness brought to you by our friends Swire... https://t.co/vScH0vk1pr

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Your last weekend to see an awesome play! These kids put on one heck of a show. https://t.co/7xM3alieHt

What do you see through your Glasses?

On Saturday it's going to be Alissa Griffith on Vic's Pick!

An all new Vic's Pick brought to you by the Grand Canyon Brewing Companywith Alissa Griffith and her brand new single Glasses! https://t.co/7c4dNK5Cqk

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