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KBRJ 104.1FM
“K-Bear Hottest Country”
Studio Request Line: (907) 344-1041
Website: http://www.kbrj.com
Format: Country
Anchorage, Alaska

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Big Bear After Dark

The Get Up Gang with Dawson & Matt
Weekdays and Saturday

Zach Daniels
Weekdays and Saturday

Steve “DJ Lefty” Franklin
Weekdays and Saturday

Big Bear


TOMORROW, don’t forget to show your support for St. Jude by tagging us in your St. Jude photos with #StJudeFoundersDay and @stjude. Share a photo wearing your St. Jude apparel, volunteering or supporting St. Jude. We can’t wait to see how you help us fulfill our mission.

Off Mic - Episode 8: Dawson & Matt rant about the Cowboys and why Jason Garrett sucks. Find out how Dawson got blood on his curtains? And a video game that will make you say WTF?!?! https://www.listentothebear.com/shows/dawson-matt-the-get-up-gang/?futurishared=185&station=KBRJ#.XeZ5mtlGQnc.twitter

#OffMic 11/26/19 Dawson has a terrible Thanksgiving food idea and Matt thinks it's sounds pretty good. Along the way we discuss pecans, axe throwing, grocery bags and a reckless survey. https://www.listentothebear.com/shows/dawson-matt-the-get-up-gang/?futurishared=183&station=KBRJ#.Xd1D_JR-vGU.twitter

The Get Up Gang On Demand! Frosted Axe Throwing stopped by the radio station to teach Dawson & Matt about #axethrowing! Frosted Axe is celebrating their Grand Opening. https://post.futurimedia.com/kbrj/playlist/listen-182.html?fbclid=IwAR0kfj4Gco7eEzj51Bnhwv4Ot8vi8yD3WPTLtZh-omSH9F0j_zaMjDQIV_o&futurishared=182&station=KBRJ#.Xdg2H7wEKPQ.twitter

#OffMic 11/21/19 - Dawson & Matt discuss #BabyYoda and find out why Matt is not allowed to set Dawson up with a date. https://www.listentothebear.com/shows/dawson-matt-the-get-up-gang/?futurishared=181&station=KBRJ#.Xdf8zZ2GkaY.twitter

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