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Have you ever noticed how certain sounds seem louder depending on where you are? Like, opening a beer is way louder here at work than at home... ~ Craig

30 hours in a coffin for $300 and season passes?? I would be screaming in the first 30 seconds to "LET ME OUT!!!" - Dana https://t.co/iB97AGq8L3

BREAKING | AP: Bill Cosby, 81, is sentenced to three to 10 years in state prison for 2004 sexual assault. - Dana

Give me the peanut M&M's any day and I'm happy! - Dana https://t.co/bnqRrW2KCD

Nearly Impossible Question of the Day

Q: 31% of Women do not forget this on a first date. What is it?

The answer is on WZZK after 8PM! Gravy

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