“96.1 Kix 96”
Studio Request Line: None Available
Website: http://www.kix96country.com
Forum: Country
Florence, Alabama

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As we ease our way into another Monday- those of us who have to work today lol- we’re talking Best of Your Weekend! Call Big Farley in the Morning with the highlight of your weekend at 256-764-0996! Also, as we... https://t.co/iJxBVsMpuj

" Look Ma! Top o' the world" People from Mississippi and Tennessee are thanking us. https://t.co/hXU7PDxNmw

It’s Pay It Forward Friday on Big Farley in the Morning! Check out the video and call in at 256-764-0996 with how you Pay It Forward! Remember- you are always anonymous on Pay It Forward Friday unless you choose not to be. 😊✌🏻❤️ https://t.co/TECkxnrDoY

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