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on @RichandJeremy today. Lots of memories being floated around that sound like Top Gun.. also, Jer has an injury because.. the intern did.. you can put a finger in Rich's hip and.. don't know.. oh the mystery, the suspense, the drama, the innuendo...check the podcast to find out!

2day on @RichandJeremy : Jer is getting better; Rich's Kia is fab but faaaast; he got looked after by Kristen at Stinky's last night; and he's obsessed with a car auction thing; Jer thinks third arms will cause problems not solve them and he says "Men don't suck" (this is true).

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Layla's got the Lowdown coming up at 1:00 on @Wings943FM!

Do you have plans for The Big Game?

How about throwing a party at your place w/ Wings 94.3 providing everything! A 50-inch TV, hot wings, sandwiches, pizza and more.

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The Drive is LIVE from Stinky's Fish Camp now!

Swing by for The Drive at Stinky's and hang out to watch Auburn basketball immediately after The Drive ends.

Tipoff is at 6 p.m. on ESPNU.

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Do you have plans for The Big Game? How about throwing a BIG PARTY at your place....with Wings 94.3 providing everything you need including the TV and lots of great party food!

To enter, text WIN to 88-474.

Good luck from Wings 94.3!

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