“The Bear”
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Tuscaloosa, Alabama

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Watching areas to our West in MS now where Tornado Warnings are in effect now & could move into West, AL in the next hour or so. Stay weather aware with Operation Storm Watch on; @953thebear @alt1017 @929WTUG @Tide1029fm @catfishttown @Nick975fm @Praise933 #Tuscaloosa #alwx


Football rivalries be damned. When Tuscaloosa suffered tragedy in 2011, Auburn showed up for us. Time to reciprocate with dollars, blood donations, etc.

Here is the Lee County tornado crossing US 280 yesterday near Smiths Station. You can see the cell tower collapse at the beginning of the video. Thanks to Louis Bridges for the video.

24 hours after a man was shot and killed in West Tuscaloosa, someone driving by fired 15 shots at people in the yard of the same address.

A man was shot and killed in Tuscaloosa Wednesday afternoon. Police have a suspect in custody.

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