“Your At Work Station”
Studio Request Line: (256) 534-9900
Website: http://www.mystar991.com
Format: Adult Contemporary
Huntsville, Alabama


Last chance to WIN tickets to see Matt Maher! But why wait & possibly miss an opportunity to go to this concert? The words, music, stories behind the songs....will lift your spirit & give you the encouragement you need to face the week ahead! #star991 #star991fm #mattmaher

Let's face it...there are things we are going through that require God's strength. He's faithful to give you the strength you need AND protect you from the evil one! #star991 #star991fm

Sitting here praying for El Paso, Dayton & our world in general. Heartache for the brokenness. Jesus, comfort & heal broken hearts & lives. Deliver us from evil & pour out your grace & mercy. In Jesus’ name. Amen

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