“Your At Work Station”
Studio Request Line: (256) 534-9900
Website: http://www.mystar991.com
Format: Adult Contemporary
Huntsville, Alabama


Do you have old prescription glasses or out of style sunglasses buried in drawers? We want them! The Star car will be @ Panera in Bloomfield at 10:30am this Friday 7/19. Visit our website for more ways to donate, including mailing glasses to us. #star991 https://t.co/iqd3QTIcgc

I've had to remind myself that this is a promise & not just something I hope is true. God IS faithful. God WILL make a way out so you can endure. #star991 #star991fm #verseoftheday #godisfaithful

It's National Emoji Day so describe how your day is going with an emoji! 😎 #star991fm #star991fm #nationalemojiday

As if NYC isn't electric enough, @Skillet will be performing on Fox & Friends 7/26! We have front row access AND meet & greet tickets to give you the best possible experience! Listen all this week between 5:30a & 10am for details!!! #star991 #star991fm #skillet #FoxAndFriends

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