Matt Ryan will never win

Mike Sullivan

Final score
Atlanta – 10
Philadelphia – 15

The Atlanta Falcons lost to the Philadelphia Eagles today in an embarrassing fashion having faced the back up QB Nick Foles. Matt Ryan and the offense could barely move the ball the entire game, and faltered terribly in the red zone. Something they have dealt with the entire season.

Nick Foles did not play much better, but somehow was just able to squeak a win. Amazing that Nick Foles does not appear to be an entirely bad QB, but this maybe fools gold as he has had only one stellar season out of six. He’s been on three different teams, but Philadelphia seems to be his home where he plays his best football, and today, pulled a major playoff win.

You maybe wondering why I’m discussing Nick Foles when the title clearly states why Matt Ryan won’t ever win the SB? Because he just lost to Nick Foles, a back up QB with one good season out of six. That’s a problem.

How does someone like Matt Ryan blow a halftime lead so insurmountable last year, and then in the following playoff season, lose to Nick Foles? It just shouldn’t happen. Matt Ryan is in the later stages of his career, and it seems he is showing the Atlanta fan base what he is truly made of in the last year, and unfortunately, it’s not much. He’s a good QB, but he’s not a great QB.

Unfortunately, Atlanta does not have a choice at this point. They are married to Matt Ryan. The only way they could get rid of him at this point is to just trade him to another team, sounds crazy, but he will never win a SB for the Falcons.

Bank on it.

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