Liberals are just fine with Sexual Assault


devin thompson

By now, everyone has heard of all the sexual assault accusations sweeping through Hollywood,Washington DC, and now the media. What we didn’t see coming or maybe we did, is that liberals would still protect these monsters. Al Franken who is now accused of two separate sexual assaults incidents against two different women, but he is apparently not a bad guy according to Bill Maher and 36 past female writers from SNL. He’s a family guy, a guy who loves to touch women inappropriately, I mean to touch women metaphysically. He wants them to teal empowered, so he’s an ok fella.

My question about how we gauge who is a sexual predator and who is not starts with this liberal fascination of protecting their own. According to liberals, all republicans suspected are sexual predators and guilty while liberals are nice guys even if they are caught. Enter liberal spin artist Richard Goodstein, he is perfectly fine with Al Franken and Bill Clinton assaulting women because they advance the liberal agenda with blind ideological insanity, yet Donald Trump and Roy Moore are already guilty in his eyes. Anyone who supports these men have absolutely no moral compass, and must be against women and children who are preyed upon by these men.

In reality, all of these men should step down minus Trump. One reason is that he is the president, but he should definitely be investigated for the 17 separate accusations. If he is found to have engaged in any sort of inappropriate behavior, then impeachment maybe an option. We cannot condemn one person, and not everyone, it doesn’t work. Roy Moore could be innocent, but if he is, he needs to step down, prove his innocence, and attempt another run. I don’t believe this will happen, because we’re talking about politics, it’s a dirty profession. Liberals supported multiple sexual assaulters through the years all the while using identity politics claiming lone support for disadvantaged groups.

Where do we go from here? As the public learns of millions of dollars spent by the government to settle sexual assault cases at the tax payers expense, there is little we can do. Al Franken will never step down because he’s a massive douche, Roy Moore will use his fake Christian beliefs to state he’s doing this for God, and every liberal will defend slick Willy as if he was the next coming of Jesus. This is a sad state we live in when ideology has trumped protecting basic human rights to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

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