I’ve Taken a Knee on Pro Sports


Smith Roberts

I’ve taken a Knee on Pro Sports
By Smith Roberts

I have been a fan of pro sports since my father took me to a Jets/Giants game when I was very little. I watched as these professional athletes put their bodies on the line for the sake of a game they loved, for their teammates, and for the fans in the stands, but after all these years, I have stopped watching. I cannot functionally stand to watch millionaires make a mockery of the United States by kneeling during our anthem while standing for another’s. Last time I checked you overpaid fools, America made you rich, something I can guarantee would not have happened in England or Mexico, so a little gratitude towards the country who made you a millionaire would be nice.

I can see however where these athletes are coming from, Colin Kaepernick just might be one of this generations greatest con artist, and he has every liberal fooled. You would never know he made over thirty million dollars while in the NFL, received the highest paying contract from the 49s up to that time as it doesn’t fit the liberal narrative. What also doesn’t fit, Colin was benched due to cancerous behavior in the locker room and shotty play, not because of his alt-left viewpoints. LeBron James obviously disagrees and firmly believes Colin is not in the NFL because of his race and viewpoints, which is rather odd since the league is 70% black, and accepts everyone, even rapists. LeBron almighty states it’s because he’s black and racism, nothing else.

There is police brutality. People of color have been targeted by police.” Colin Kaepernick

LeBron James, Marshawn Lynch, and Tyrod Taylor have reaped an unbelievable amount of wealth for their gifts, and being able to display it here in America is a gift. What I find unconscionable, is to consistently disrespect America, the greatest country on earth. I love this country and would never want to live anywhere else, I suggest if you’re going to follow in the footsteps of the greatest con artist since Hitler, you will not be on my tv.

*By the way, Colin was not kneeling during this whole charade, he was caught sitting like he had every game, pouting. He came up with the idea of protesting when he got ambushed in the locker room about how terrible he was, and being benched. Open your eyes.

Smith Roberts is a contributing writer for conservative.radiohaven.com

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