Classical FM

Classical FM
Studio Request Line: None Available
Forum: Top 40
London, England

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Why not ask your Amazon Echo to "Play Classic FM" while you're making the Sunday roast? It's the perfect way to join @billtu and @XanderArmstrong for some bright and uplifting music!

Now for a morning packed full of classical music with back-to-back shows from @realaled and @billtu

As night turns to day, @Breathwick and @JaneOnClassicFM bring you exquisite music to get your Sunday off to a great start.

It's the third episode of @johnsuchet1's new series exploring the remarkable life of Tchaikovsky now on Classic FM. But which of his great works did the composer himself eventually came to despise? (📷Getty)

Happy birthday to Sir Simon Rattle! 🎂

We'll be celebrating with one of his finest Beethoven recordings after 7pm on Classic FM.

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