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More undiscovered gems by female composers tonight on #SoundsAndSweetAirs - 9pm on @ClassicFM hope you can join me for the inspiring stories and the great tunes 🙂

At 9pm, our Composer in Residence, @wisemandebbie, continues her series shining the spotlight on the world’s greatest women composers.

Tonight Debbie champions the English composer Ethel Smyth with some incredible stories behind this amazing woman's music.

Join Rob Cowan from 7pm, as he shares the greatest new and classic recordings from his collection.

Tonight, he's celebrating the anniversary of Holst's birth, with some fantastic music on offer.

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As teenage horror fans in 80s Northampton my friend Paul and I devoured Stephen King's books and anything filed under horror. As a constant reader I honour Mr King - 72 today - in film music from Alien to Black Swan. Join me @ClassicFM 5pm if you wanna hear something REALLY scary

Happy 72nd birthday to author @StephenKing!

This week's Saturday Night at the Movies is dedicated to the master of horror as @AndrewCollins features two hours of dark, spooky and thrilling soundtracks from his stories and beyond! From 5pm 👻🎶

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