I Love Hillary


Rachel Biards

I love Hillary, and I want to let you know I am a strong transgender woman who has supported her all the way through her time with Bills indiscretions, her senate and her time as Secretary of State, but please liberals, let’s come to our senses.

I love Hillary, but there was most likely no Russian collusion, no reason other than her own she lost, and the presidency was not stolen from her.

I love Hillary, but I just want to talk to the sane liberals right now. Have you ever heard yourself espousing the same rhetoric you here in CNN or from Huffington Post it wasn’t Hillarys fault she lost? I’m sure you have, but let’s be honest with ourselves. Hillary is most likely guilty, she engaged in illegal activity, and we all know it. She had an illegal server, she received money from foreign entities, and most likely had Bill shut down the FBI investigation. If you think she not corrupt, you’re kidding yourself.

I love Hillary, and I hate saying those things about my idle, but I also have to be fair to myself.

I love Hillary, and know she would’ve done more for the transgender community than our current president or any president for that matter. She would’ve protected us, she would’ve made life better for us, she would’ve made life I believe in America better for everyone, much better. Trump is a derisive president, hellbent on destroying America, but if we are to condemn him, we have to condemn Hillary too. She’s guilty people, I’m sorry to burst your bubble.

I love Hillary.

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