Franken, Lauer, Conyers and more


Mike Sullivan

For months after the breaking news story Roger Ailes and Bill oreilly were sexual harassers, I watched pundits and liberal science blasting the network. They claimed a moral superiority over conservatives who watched the network, all the while covering up for their own disgusting deeds. NBC is now widely known to have engaged in a massive coverup for disgraced Hollywood producer Harvey Weinstein, and it appears they have done the same with Matt Lauer.

Will I throw it back in liberals faces? Your GD right I will, Now that there is ample ammunition; you have crazy insane moron Al Franken who should resign or be thrown out for assaulting women, Conyers walking around in his tightly whities, and of course Bill and Hillary. Whenever will we wake up and see this is a problem with people with too much power!!! Power begets evil it seems. We need to knock these people back down to earth, or the rape culture will continue.

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