Franken Hypocrisy

Devin Thompson

Franken is a scumbag. There is no other way to put it, he’s a massive scumbag. People like him are the exact reason women do not come forward. Today, he chastised them and called them liars. He made no apologies during his resignation, even further stating every woman was either a liar or unable to remember the incidents as he would or maybe the way they should. Apparently, women do not have the capability remember these events as the almighty Franken does.

What made things worse, Franken made it very clear to all of his Democrat ilk he believed he could walk through all these allegations without having to resign with his typical denials and inability to remember the events. Of course Mr. Franken was very hopeful he could outlast the tribal vigilantly social media, but it was not so. The democrat party decided to pull a Zeus and eat their own like animals.

Franken has made claims he is a champion of women, yet all 8 women were either lying or inexplicably unable to remember the events as he saw them; that is the very definition and reason why women do not come forward Mr. Franken. You made the statement you are a champion for women, but then cut them down in the same sentence. You sir are a hypocrite of the worst kind, and an even worse human being.

What we need to realize in all of this, is the need to follow due process, even for Franken. I believe he is guilty of the accusations put forth, but Franken should not have resigned based on tribal anger.

Yes I know, I just castigated the former Minnesota Senator, but that was well deserved, what else is well deserved is due process. I can hate someone and disagree with their political viewpoints, no matter how deranged, but still believe in due process.

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