I am turning Fox News Off


Devin Thompson

I have been an avid viewer of Fox News since my father introduced the channel to me when I was 7.  Don’t worry, my father made me watch other news channels, such as ABC, NBC and the occasional CNN.  *Side note – He hated CNN with a passion, although, he didn’t tell me this until I was much older.  In any case, Fox News was the one place I always felt I could rely on for the fair and balanced coveraged it stated to give, but at this point, I have pretty much had it with Juan Williams on Fox News. After firing Bill O’Reilly and Eric Bolling for Trumped up charges, they continue to employ Juan Williams.

I can’t say for sure what it really was that finally made me turn off the Five for good, and Fox News in general, but I can no longer give them audience when he is so completely wrong on just about everything. He makes up whatever he wants without evidence, and his statistics on just about everything, and when you disagree with him, he makes it personal.

After 8 long years of suffering with Barak Obama making derogatory remarks about conservatives, and well, white people, Juan Williams takes a very generalized stab by saying it is us who are the problem, not democrats.

Exhibit A.

Notice, he completely removes himself from any blame, and for that matter, any blame the Democrats should be shouldered with. Nancy Pelosi, Eric Swalwell, Chuck Schumer, Adam Schiff are the identity Kings and Queens of politics, and have driven a wedge into the American Society, yet Juan Williams thinks it is Trump and his supporters who are to blame. That’s fine, this is his opinion, but I cannot sit by and watch Juan Williams spew his disgusting rhteroic anymore. I am turning you off Fox News. I will be back when you get people who aren’t insane maniacs pushing a democratic opinion without evidence anymore.

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