Fire Mueller GOP

Devin Thompson

I think I have been fairly clear I am not a fan of Trump, and I initially believed he was going to be a detriment to America, but I’m not so sure he is the detriment we ever really needed to worry about. I truly think he does have our best interest at hand. What I think we need to realize he is not just simply being railroaded for collusion, he is being set up for illegal crimes unbefitting of a President, and the GOP needs to take action, now is the time to fire Robert Mueller.

I have heard a lot of conjecture about bias, and people who love Hillary and hate conservatives on Mueller’s team, but let’s get rid of him for something bigger. Illegal search and seizures of American citizens property, violation of due process and violation of inaliable American human rights.

Mueller has broken the rules of assignment for which congress tasked him with. He has investigated multiple team members Trump worked with both past and present, and has found little weight to any Russia collusion. What he has found; Paul Manafort alledged money laundering or tax evasion, and Michael Flynn lying to the FBI.

What was Manafort tasked with again?

Mueller was supposed to be investigating the near treasonous behaviors of Trump and his campaign team, but we have found NO evidence in 18 months he has done anything to suspect otherwise. We must conclude Mueller is either incompetent, ill equipped, lying or he has another agenda.

My guess, he has another agenda. Mueller never intended to prove trump or his campaign team colluded with Russia, he was sent out to find illegal activity unrelated to the task congress tasked him with inorder to build a case for impeachment.

Russia is unimportant at this time, Mueller wants to find something illegal to bring preemptive charges for impeachment. This has been the move all along. You know, the American people know it,and so does the GOP.

So why do senators Graham and McCain say it would be the biggest mistake in Trumps life to fire Mueller? Why do GOP senators sit and say nothing about this abominable investigation? Because these men and women do not believe Americans made the right choice and they are willing to forgo the rights of Americans such as Michael Flynn and Robert Mueller for the sake of their American democracy. Our American democracy.

This should terrify the masses. When a sitting investigator is given instructions to investigate a specific crime, and then begins breaking down everyone involved for other various crimes, we as Americans should be sickened. We should be calling for what everyone has been saying this ivestigation is, a witch hunt.

During the fifties, a well known senator name McCarthy used similar tactics for anyone he despised by calling them communists, what’s the difference from that of today? Nothing. Many people were found guilty for unrelated charges to the communists scare, lives were ruined, people were murdered, others committed suicide, and yet many are silent.

In the end, Manafort is most likely guilty, Flynn was probably guilty of something, but Mueller should not have been then one to get the arrest or conviction. That was not his duty, nor what he was supposed to do. It is time for the GOP to now do it’s dut, and fire Robert Mueller and his band of unmerry men.

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