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How many people work at radiohaven.com?

Currently, there are two people now at RadioHaven.com. The owner and creator handles all the duties of coding, marketing, and ad development at this time. It’s a lot for one person, but I have always wanted to create something like this; create a functional easy to use website.

Why I don’t see my favorite station on here?

Currently, iheart Radio owns about 800 Radio stations across the United States, and they do not allow access to their Radio streams. We can embed the site, but unless requested, we will not add an iheart Radio station. They basically have a monopoly on the livestream Radio business. That’s why they can start charging for memberships.

Can anyone write on your website?

The websites purpose is for ease of use, and for listeners to express their own opinions no matter what the subject matter. Radio Haven does, however, reserve the right to not publish or delete a post considered to break the Terms and Conditions set forth. For information regarding terms of use, please click here.