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AYO! I think I can see your house! The @flycharmcity fam with the @christhetailor flex! 💪 #CharmCityHelicopters @Seththetailor1 @casey_rowe_ @kaitlinobscura @suitupbmore

When @InternJohnRadio invites the show to be part of a #fantasyfootballdraft... why the hate @shelbysos_ ? 🧐

If THIS is a crime, I never want to be right! Happy Birthday Sam! Your future is infinite! I love you! Also, thanks to our @Discovery family for starting #sharkweek on her birthday! She’s so excited! Next year, let’s lobby Unicode for your own for a #sharkweek🦈 emoji. #OhMyJaws

This is an absolutely AMAZING story, that I wish would be the norm Nationwide. We all love our fur-families!

Can't wait to have you on the show! We gotta get to the bottom you putting hot sauce on waffles. We'll put a leather couch in the studio and talk it out, you sexy bitch you. What else should we ask @diplo when he's on our new therapy couch? 😂


less than 7 days left to get q's in for my @VoteClubKane @iHeartRadio @AskAnythingChat.

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