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@BertShowBert @LilNasX @bertsbigadv You did a beautiful thing LiNasX. You took the time out of your busy schedule to bring everlasting memories to those kids. You didn't have to. You are proof that there is still good in this world. Thank you!

what makes this even cooler is that @LilNasX was in Disney just to hang out with a group of sick children from around the country called @bertsbigadv. The dude stayed and took pictures and talked to every single one of the kids. SOLID DUDE!


just crashed a wedding at disney world

Lane is probably the most shy @bertsbigadv kid we’ve ever had. The fact he’s this animated 3 days into the trip is a HUGE win. This makes my heart so happy!!!!

Yet another arm wrestling defeat. This time Sam! My record is 0-34 this weekend on @bertsbigadv credit dashphotographyatl

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