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Some advice regarding naming your new child. Make its first name three first names. Like "Hayden Hayden Hayden Weiss." With the invention of air pods I assure you that you'll have to say their name 3x before getting their attention. Just build it into their legal name.

Back from beach vacation in #crystalcoast North Carolina. @ Indian Beach, North Carolina

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She wants to know why he broke up w/ her on vacation and we know!
Is my half brother back in my mother's life for financial reasons?
Deep dive into Jada/Will Smith relationship. Fascinating.
You cool sending your kids back to school?

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The pain of finding out he's cheating
@ImMoeMitch isn't sure if he is broken up or not
The price @DaviCrimmins was billed at the ER is loco
Backing out of being a maid of honor

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