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6am-10am EST
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Format: Morning Talk


If you’re outside in the city today keep an eye out for that Power 105.1 truck driving around! 🚛📻⠀

Keep those radios turned up we blasting @POPSMOKE10 all day long! 🔥⠀

#ShootForTheStarsAimForTheMoon ⁠⠀
⁠ 💫🌙💫


February 2019: Pop was always bigging up the next generation of rappers outta BK 🗽⁠

Today is for you Pop 🙏🏿⁠
#ShootForTheStarsAimForTheMoon ⁠

August 2019: @POPSMOKE10 pulled up to #AngiesBBQ surprising the entire crowd performing “Dior” and “Welcome to The Party” ⠀

If you were there you know how crazy the energy was that day when he hit the stage 🙌🏿⠀

#ShootForTheStarsAimForTheMoon 💫🌑💫 ⠀


"Don't let nobody ever tell you that you can't do nothing, whatever you wanna do, do it, don't look back" - @POPSMOKE10 ⠀

#ShootForTheStarsAimForTheMoon 💫🌑💫

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