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5:00am-10:00am CDT
Studio Request Line: (414) 799-1965 or (800) 965-WKLH (9554)
Website: https://wklh.com
Format: Morning Talk
Medford, Wisconsin


What funny thing happened to John McGivern one day when he was an altar boy? https://soundcloud.com/96-5-wklh/john-mcgivern-farting-altar-boy-111519

What does John McGivern's mom need him to pick up for her at the grocery store? https://soundcloud.com/96-5-wklh/john-mcgivern-shopping-for-sweets-111519

Hear why John McGivern had to have a growth removed from his forehead https://soundcloud.com/96-5-wklh/john-mcgivern-growths-and-liver-spots-111519

After giving a few rides to work, someone wants to get out of having to carpool with her boss to work #judgegino https://soundcloud.com/96-5-wklh/judge-gino-boss-carpool-111519

Has someone finally realized how life "really" works? https://soundcloud.com/96-5-wklh/the-in-box-the-way-of-life-111519

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