WKLH Mornings with Dave, Dorene, and Gino

5:00am-10:00am CDT
Studio Request Line: (414) 799-1965 or (800) 965-WKLH (9554)
Website: https://wklh.com
Format: Morning Talk
Medford, Wisconsin


Why would an Elmo helmet be involved in a 'dumbass' moment? https://soundcloud.com/96-5-wklh/dairyland-dumbass-update-42021

What are your favorite memories of County Stadium? https://soundcloud.com/96-5-wklh/jim-cryns-remembering-county-stadium-42021

Is Bigfoot responsible for the murders of 3 cannabis farmers? https://soundcloud.com/96-5-wklh/bigfoot-the-cannabis-murderer-42021

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