The Alice Cooper Show

7pm-12am EST
Studio Request Line: None Available
Format: Rock Talk and Music


Happy Friday! Tonight Coop’ll have #ThisDayInRock featuring @ringostarrmusic and TRIVIA on @defleppard THEN a punk band covering Journey, a wild live one from the MC5 and #FreakyFacts. And of course @ledzeppelin @therollingstones and @officialthewho. TN on #NightsWithAliceCooper!

Tonight you’ll get your usual Super Duper DJ, Alice Cooper! He’s got a Cooper’s Cover of KISS by Anthrax, #ThisDayinRock on @therollingstones, a #LastCut from Coop’s Black Sabbath’s Paranoid LP, PLUS all the @vanhalen @gunsnroses @styxtheband and @stevemillerband you can handle!

Tonight you’ll get an action-packed Radio show with a Cooper’s Cover from @aerosmith, #ThisDayInRock featuring @pinkfloyd, AND #FreakyFacts! PLUS Coop’s got Idioms for Idiots and email requests for @ledzeppelin! Spend your mid-week mental breakdown with Uncle Alice tonight!

If you want some rock & talk that doesn’t suck, tune in to your rock star of a DJ, Alice Cooper! You’ll get stories and songs from @kissonline, BTO, Triumph, @thedoors and your pals in @motleycrue. Uncle Alice might read YOUR email request in his awful accent, so turn it on & up!

Coop’ll be comin to you tonight from his secret Radio studio in the heart of the desert… aka his downstairs bathroom! He’ll have a #ThisDayInRock featuring @davidbowie, Cooper’s Cover by REM, plus #FreakyFacts. If you ask nicely, you’ll get @aerosmith, @gunsnroses and @vanhalen!

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