The Alice Cooper Show

7pm-12am EST
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Format: Rock Talk and Music


Your well-seasoned host @alicecooper has tasty rock radio this evening. What, you ask? Why a special Doors Cooper’s Cover, Coop's interview with producer Eddie Kramer and bassist Billy Cox all about Jimi Hendrix, AND Freaky Facts on rock & roll! (📷: Getty Images)

Its'a Te-riffic Tuesday from skinny turkey @alicecooper On his show tonight Alice'll have Quiet Riot covering Slade, a This Day in Rock featuring @freddymercury, and TRIVIA on Van Halen! (📷: Getty Images)

Happy Monday! We’ve almost made it to Thanksgiving and @alicecooper is rewarding you tonight by giving you an extra-festive radio show this Thanksgiving Week! He’ll have Cooper’s Covers of Blind Faith by @ZakkWyldeBLS. (📷: Getty Images)

It’s @alicecooper here on the Friday night before Thanksgiving, with rock & talk for all Coop's favorite turkeys! (That's you!) He'll serve up Freaky Facts on Pringles and polar bears, and you'll get a Live and Kicking cover of "No More Mr. Nice Guy" from Alice! 📷: Getty Images

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