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What's something AWESOME in your house? Do you have a soda fountain in your kitchen? Do you have a fireman's pole from one floor to the other? Do you have an entire fridge filled up with Capri Sun? What's the coolest thing in your home that people are always blown away by?

What's the relationship boobytrap you set up for your significant other? You purposely tried to catch them in a lie by setting up an elaborate scheme... What did you do?

What was the "grand gesture" that won you back or didn't win you back? Did he stand outside your home with a boombox over his head like in the movie Say Anything? What was it? ❤️

What has everyone been doing wrong for their whole lives without knowing it? Blow our minds with a bit of information that could change some lives....

One of our listeners, Sarah, created a spreadsheet to help her find out why she's still single... Then, she turned it into a podcast! 🎙 It's now available at the link below! You're gonna love this! ❤️ LISTEN:

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