Where will Dez go?

Mike Sullivan
Where will Dez Bryant go?  That seems to be the question everyone is trying to answer now that the 2018 NFL draft is over.  There are a few teams who could sign the once dominant WO, but should they?  Dez comes with a lot of baggage, but he is also coming with a huge chip on his shoulder following his sudden departure from Dallas, the place he believed he would finish his career.  So who are the suitors for Dez.


The Indianapolis Colts
Cap Space: $61,312,376
I don’t know if there is another team in the NFL who could use Dez Bryants talent to help their oft injured QB, Andrew Luck.  The man spends most of his time being flattened by huge angry DT and LB with only TY Hilton to throw the ball to.  to me, this signing would make the most sense.  Luck has never had a big receiver to throw the ball to, and he needs someone of Dez size and athleticism in the Red Zone.  Coupling Hilton with Bryant would certainly upgrade the aerial threat, and make Lucks life so much easier.


The San Francisco 49’s
Cap Space: $35,570,900

Last season, the 49’s made a drastic effort to get a starting franchise QB, except, they didn’t have a sole to throw the ball to.  Jimmy Garoppolo accounts for nearly 17% of the 49’s total cap hit this season, but somehow, John Lynch forgot he will need someone to throw the ball too.  Dez Bryant going to the 49’s does make sense however.  They have an aging WO in Garcon, a slot receiver in Goodwin, and Aldrick Robinson.  Beyond the newly drafted Dante Pettis, this would be a very good match.


The New York Giants
Cap Space: $9,653,780
Now that the era of Reese is over, and the addition of Dave Gettlemen has begun, maybe the New York Giants begin to show some life outside of their tight box.  Now, the cap space is very thin, and nearly all of what they have left will be spent on the new draft class, Gettlemen could make some room to find the yang to OBJ ying.  OBJ is a dominant force on the outside, but he has not been shown a great deal with having literally no one who can at least take some of the pressure off of him.  He is almost always double covered, and if he is not, he has to make a miraculous catch.  Dez would take a significant amount of stress off of him, and would give OBJ, and the Giants the tandem they have been seeking they didn’t get with the Brandon Marshall signing.


The Buffalo Bills
Cap Space: $18,818,557
The Bills are kind of at a crossroads right now having just signed Josh Allen, the big QB out of Wyoming, but they literally are missing all of their big deep threats.  Having given away the kitchen sink to draft oft injured Sammy Watkins, and then trading for Kelvin Benjamin, the Bills still have a glaring hole on the outside.  Benjamin is a wildcard, and he too was injured last year, and not at full strength, but adding someone like Dez to the outside could alleviate the under performing WO.  Benjamin is almost a shell of himself, much worse than Dez, and he could be the answer to Josh Allens, and the Bills Mafia.


The Bears
Cap Space: $30,068,002
This signing is irrational at best, but I think would be fun if the Bears signed Dez.  They have the cap space, and they can offer him a 1 year deal to prove he is still healthy. I initially believed they were going to take a WO in the first round of the NFL draft, but they passed on Ridley, with whom would have been a great compliment to newly signed Allen Robinson.  Allen is coming off a major surgery, and although Dez has had some in the recent seasons, would create a nightmare match up for any team if the two played opposite of each other.  They wouldn’t be able to kill them with speed, but imagine the math ups. I understand this would be ATypical, and slightly crazy, but Dez still has a lot of game in him, and imagine two WO who could get the jump ball. The Bears did however draft Anthony Miller in the second round so, yeah this was just for fun.


Who do I think Dez Bryant is signing with:

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