Democratic Socialism

Mike Sullivan

America is supposed to be the place where people can make a new start or create something that will benefit everyone as a society, yet the top 1% dominates everything we as Americans work so hard to gain. They make billions off of the hard work of others, and the middle and lower classes suffer as a result.

How did this happen, and how do we try to rectify it? A recent win by Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez in the primary shows America is not that far off from trying to help the rest of us in the 99%, who work daily jobs, but don’t seem to get anywhere. We can barely make our mortgage payments, while the millionaires and billionaires go on daily trips.  I don’t even remember the last time I went on a damn trip.

Now, I will say, Miss Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is very green and new to the public debate and in the public sector; she really needs to find a way to get my and her message out to the people that socialism, when properly infused into a society can help bring everyone to a much more even style of living. Where everyone benefits, can live in a home, and never go hungry.

Is it necessary for those who have billions of dollars like Jeff Bezos to pay his employees pennies compared to what he has amassed? Maybe, but is it humane? I believe we can tax those who are at the 1% at such a higher rate, maybe close to a 60% rate. This will ensure people who are at the top, can help fund taxes, and still remain the kings of the World.

Socialism is the idea of helping everyone, and making sure no one is thought to be better than others. Capitalism isn’t evil, but we are not systematically helping others as of right now, and we are not only a disservice to the American dream, but it is unchristian.

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