Democrat Sham


Devin Thompson:

As a tearful Judge Brett Kavanaugh tells his story of being falsely accused by a very deranged person, the Democrats could not care less.  They look at Judge Kavanaugh as a person in their way of power, a person they want to dispose of.  To be honest, it would be better to receive a hit from the mob, then to go through with what he and his family have endured today. Being labeled a rapist from something that happened almost 40 years ago with zero evidence is atrocious.

Having watched some of the testimony from Christine Ford expressing no evidence a crime even occurred, Judge Kavanaugh is in the fight for his reputation and life.  Something no one should ever have to go through, yet the Democrats want nothing more than to suspend the committee vote just so the FBI can investigate a false claim.  The FBI does not investigate such crimes.  They all know this, they just want the FBI to stall beyond November because they believe they will win the Senate, and stop Trump from making his next nomination.  It’s disgusting.

This people are sick: Dick Durbin, Syd Blumenthal,  Dianne Feinstein

Christine Ford is deranged, she’s sick, and I feel sorry for her.  Something may have happened to her, but this is not it.

I am sad to say I am an American today.  I am sad there are Democrats in my country.

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