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With years of financial experience that includes being the founding partner of his own investment management firm, popular syndicated radio talk show host, Tom Sullivan brings his portfolio of financial knowledge to television. He tackles current economic questions and issues, bringing in expert guests to join in the discussions. Topics up for debate include foreclosure, debt, economic growth, and the market


@sullivanradio HRC should know that @TulsiGabbard is a Major. She will whup her ass without breaking a sweat. If there was anyone on the planet not willing to accept defeat gracefully, it's HRC...maybe doing so will break her so much she will jump off the Brooklyn Bridge.

@stephan2418 @sullivanradio She is only one in bunch that seems closest to a normal democrat 10 years ago. Don't know why she is so far down unless most democrats caught the TDS radicalization.

@sullivanradio Tom Mulvaney inferred they would withhold funds to any country that was involved in corruption and that included Ukraine looking into the 2016 election and the server nothing wrong with that!

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