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...@realDonaldTrump and his admin stood to expose alleged longstanding criminal wrongdoing within intel agencies. Not just what happened in 2015-2016. Some officials were/are desperately fighting for their lives/freedom. #GovtSpyingOnJournalists etc. #WoodsProceduresViolations

Based on my info, we may be missing an important point in all this. People keep pointing to "political bias" in the 2016 capers. I'm not discounting that, but there's a bigger overarching theme, I think. Important intel officials also did not want @realDonaldTrump because..(cont)

NANCY PELOSI: There's only like 5 socialists in our party. We're not extreme.
PRESIDENTIAL POLL: Bernie Sanders takes the lead.

IN 2017, HE THOUGHT HE'D NEVER PLAY AGAIN. Wish my mom was alive to see it. He was her favorite. Then again, maybe she knows ...

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