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TODAY, IN NOT NEWS ... after predictions that the cost of tariffs would be passed along to American consumers with catastrophic consequences ... this. Read why below.

WHEN CAN WE FINALLY ALL AGREE THAT 97% OF CLIMATE SCIENTISTS WERE WRONG? Melting glaciers were supposed to flood the world by now How long must this lie live?

WHY NOT? It's no crazier than the science behind global warming ... which they changed to "climate change" after it didn't warm.

BEFORE YOU GIVE IN TO THE TRUMP'S-TARIFFS-WILL-WRECK-THE-ECONOMY HYSTERIA ... read this and remember ... 70% of Mexican exports are bought by us. We hold all the leverage here.

HYPOCRITE ALERT: Sadiq Khan lectured Trump on how women ought to be treated worldwide.This from a guy who spoke at Islamic center events where women were required to use a separate entrance...and said nothing about it. Is this a joke, @ELLEmagazine?

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