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With years of financial experience that includes being the founding partner of his own investment management firm, popular syndicated radio talk show host, Tom Sullivan brings his portfolio of financial knowledge to television. He tackles current economic questions and issues, bringing in expert guests to join in the discussions. Topics up for debate include foreclosure, debt, economic growth, and the market


Tom if socialized medicine is so great, why are the countries with it NOT Stopping #Coronavirus In its tracks? Why is the world waiting for the United States to handle this potential pandemic? Could it be that US healthcare is better than the rest of the world? @sullivanradio

@sullivanradio think our energy would b better spent worrying about our high obesity rate, lead in water, sugary drinks, chemically filled processed food, poor eating and excercise habits. thats wat will ultimately kill us. B healthy and viruses will have less impact.

Tom like it or not the #Coronavirus Is in actual fact a real life test of who has the best healthcare systems in the world: #SocializedMedicine or the US model? It would seem in times of crisis & a potential pandemic that the world is looking to the US to save it @sullivanradio

@sullivanradio This is being overblown Tom. Everything now in the news is always over sensationalized and end of the world. This is why I do not watch the news. The flu every year still kills more people than the coronavirus

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