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Todd Starnes is an American conservative columnist, commentator for television and radio host. He is best known as a columnist and a radio host with frequent appearances on Fox News.
Born: October 28, 1967


🇺🇸 We have a responsibility as American citizens to fight for the ideas that we think are true and good.

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Thank you to everyone who made #FindingTheBrightSide a best seller! And thanks to @Walmart for carrying it. If you want some behind the scenes scoop on life in the media, you'll enjoy this one!

.@RepChipRoy stops @SpeakerPelosi passing $19 billion spending: "we should have a debate about why we’re not securing the border and why we’re spending money we don’t have" ||

If you happen to be a college-bound straight, white guy -- you might want to strike Baylor University off your list.

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