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Laurence Allen “Larry” Elder is a conservative American radio commentator we’ll known for radio program The Larry Elder Show.
Born: April 27, 1952 (age 65),
Birthplace: Los Angeles, CA
Education: University of Michigan, Brown University, University of Michigan Law School
Net Worth: $2 Million (

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Our intel community insisted President GWB DID NOT "lie us into the Iraq War." Still, democrats disgustingly chanted, "Bush lied. People died." But when it comes to @realDonaldTrump, the same intel community is now the gold standard with impeccable integrity.


"You should call this the surrender summit."

Obama bugged out of Iraq--ENABLING THE GROWTH OF ISIS--OVER THE OBJECTION of the SecDef; SecState; Joint Chiefs; U.S. Amb to Iraq; Nat'l Sec Advr; and CIA head. Did King accuse Obama of "surrender"?


The leftwing media is accusing "treasonous" @realDonaldTrump of everything but ordering Putin to put back the Berlin Wall:


Until now, nobody accused John Bolton and Mike Pompeo being "soft" on commies. Not long ago, they were denounced as warmongering neocons. NOW they’re “Putin’s puppets”?!? Pick one. And tell us again, which administration signed off on the Uranium One deal?


The same democrat party that accused President GWB of "lying us into the Iraq War"--and rejected the findings of the bi-partisan Robb-Silberman Commission that Bush did not lie--is now the party of we trust in government.


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