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Seth Leibsohn is a conservative talk show host and author. He is also a senior fellow at the Claremont Institute, and was the producer for Bill Bennett’s Morning in America, a syndicated talk show in the 2000s.
Born: November 17, 1967


"The thing that nobody predicted is that normalization, commercialization would be a magnet for international black market activity."
(Um, except for the Rocky Mountain HIDTA and all of us.)

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It’s your humble #DoctorintheHouse guest hosting as we talk #4thofjuly2019 and up next #Iran @A_Jafarzadeh @AIFDemocracy

Getting ready for the #4thOfJuly? Join us @SethLeibsohn Show! I’ll be guest hosting today form 3-6PM PT! Tune in to @960ThePatriot! We will talk to @PaulDBoyer @Salih_Hudayar @A_Jafarzadeh @VickiePolitics about #NikeHatesAmerica #Uyghurs #Iran and #ISIS in #Sydney @AIFDemocracy

How about some enterprising company use this design to create an athletic shoe that actually is proud of this country, a listener proposed calling it "The Ducey." I'm in to help, who else?

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