The Seth Leibsohn Show

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Format: Talk

Seth Leibsohn is a conservative talk show host and author. He is also a senior fellow at the Claremont Institute, and was the producer for Bill Bennett’s Morning in America, a syndicated talk show in the 2000s.
Born: November 17, 1967


Maybe my favorite interview this year, with Chris Flannery of @ClaremontInst. Beauty. Love. America.

Can't say enough about this great new podcast, thanks to Chris Flannery and @ClaremontInst:

Pro-tip: moral equivalencies fall flat 99% of the time. Especially when they’re about AlQaeda’s terror and jihad against our citizens.

AND..if derived from gross exaggerations, it harms the very communities you think you are trying to help. @IlhanMN

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