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Sebastian Lukács Gorka is a British-born Hungarian-American military and intelligence analyst, former dean at National Defense University, who served as deputy assistant to US President Donald Trump in 2017. He served from January 2017 until August 25, 2017
Born: October 22, 1970
Birthplace: London, UK
Education: Corvinus University of Budapest, St Benedict’s School, Ealing, Heythrop College, University of London


‘A restaurant that declared it would charge men 18% more than women for the same service will close its doors at the end of the month.’

After the Christchurch mosque massacres, world leaders stood with Muslims and against Islamophobia. Yet since the attacks on Sri Lankan churches they haven’t even been able to utter the word Christian, says @rakibehsan

"The Department of Homeland Security figures put the number of short-term overstays at 415,000 people in 2018. Over half of the immigrants in the U.S. illegally are from visa overstays."

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