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In case you missed today’s Scott Adams Show that airs weekdays LIVE 8am — Friday 09/07/18 #Podcast: #JasonHairston #AlexJones #JeromeCorsi #CrazyBooker #Nike #FakeNews

Red State Talk #Radio takes a bite out of the #BigApple w/ a billboard in #TimesSquare for the entire year! #MAGA #DTS #TCOT #PJNET #Trump

The #Antifa attack on @RealCandaceO and @charliekirk11 yesterday in Philly is an attack on ALL conservatives!

Share if you’re as disgusted as I am!

Thread: On China Owning the Clintons, the Uniparty, and the Dangers!

1. Past threads on China have dealt with their inexorable push toward world economic domination. In this thread, we will examine China’s insidious control of US politicians over the past 30+ years.

1) Devin Nunes went on Hannity. It was a short segment.

It was also explosive. If you were paying attention.

Bruce Ohr is going to become more and more important in this investigation. I think people should pay close attention to it. – Devin Nunes

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