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"President of J. Epstein & Co, a private holding company, Epstein is the director of the Wexner Foundation and of the Wexner Heritage Foundation. Epstein is also president of the New Albany Property Company in New Albany, Ohio."

After racing to hold the AG in contempt, Chairman Nadler now wants to join DOJ and the WH at the negotiating table because he knows he’s going to lose in court. The chairman’s cave shows the May 8 vote was unjustified & the scheduled House contempt vote is egregious.

Just had a big victory in Federal Court over the Democrats in the House on the desperately needed Border Wall. A big step in the right direction. Wall is under construction!

The House is apparently voting next week on holding AG Barr in contempt of Congress. But the Democrats' own witnesses at a Judiciary Committee hearing said the Democratic subpoena requires AG Barr to break the law to comply. Watch for yourself:

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