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California wants to tax text messages. And it might be a 5 year retroactive tax!

A little Christmas sale: The next 200 copies of IMAGINE JACK AND THE HISTORY KIDS are on sale for $14.99. FREE Prime shipping, too:

Great book for ages 0 to 14. The younger kids will love the bright colors, my...

Could there be a stupider thing to ban?

People are DESPERATELY looking to be offended and feel important. You get triggered by a candy cane?

Remember when you could mention Jesus in school? Now you can't have candy canes.

I feel sad for the people who put Satanic symbols in public spaces. They want to get a rise out of Christians. I won't be tricked in to it. And It won't affect how I lead my family.

Watch this whole thing. A 21-aircraft missing man formation. The end when the aircraft with the name of #GHWB on the side peels off & disappears into the sky gave me goosebumps.

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