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Michael S. Medved is an American radio show host, author, political commentator, and film critic. His Seattle-based nationally syndicated talk show, The Michael Medved Show, airs throughout the United States on Salem Radio Network.
Born: October 3, 1948
Birthplace: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Education: San Francisco State University (1974), Yale University, Yale Law School
Net Worth: $35 Million (


With break in the hearings, impeachment push still seems misguided, but more investigation is not. #Trump's mishandling of the Ukraine connection not really in dispute; question involves consequences. Must be a middle ground between ignoring wrong-doing, and over-reacting to it!

. #FionaHill may be most significant witness so far in #ImpeachmentHearings: she puts #Trump's Ukraine obsessions into the larger geopolitical context. For those who dismiss her testimony, what would be her possible motivation to dissemble or fabricate?

All #ImpeachmentHearings testimony indicates #PresidentTrump cared more about Ukraine ANNOUNCING a Biden investigation, than he cared about completion of any such investigation. Doesn't that indicate his priority was scoring political points, more than uprooting corruption?

For those who care: the new recording of #Beethoven's MISSA SOLEMNIS, with Suzuki conducting #BachCollegiumJapan (BIS SACD) is a knockout in every way - explosive, impassioned, full of emotion and heartfelt lyricism. This 200 yr old masterpiece has never sounded better.

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