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Michael S. Medved is an American radio show host, author, political commentator, and film critic. His Seattle-based nationally syndicated talk show, The Michael Medved Show, airs throughout the United States on Salem Radio Network.
Born: October 3, 1948
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Jeff Greenfield (@greenfield64) makes a compelling argument that the modern State of the Union Address is a complete waste of time--maybe Trump should agree to junk it permanently. Our discussion, here:

M. Night Shyamalan's film GLASS is meant to be a sequel to both SPLIT and UNBREAKABLE, but this one could earn the title "UNBEARABLE".

Is the @BuzzFeed story a smoking gun, fatal for @realDonaldTrump? Hardly, but it is more serious than prior charges. My take, here:

2 reasons that the @BuzzFeed charges are more serious than prior attacks: 1) the alleged felonious acts (suborning perjury) occurred while #Trump was president, not before & 2) the source of these charges is NOT @MichaelCohen212 but, allegedly, "federal law enforcement officials"

On new charges that #Trump, AS PRESIDENT, asked @MichaelCohen212 to lie about Russia: even Trump loyalists must acknowledge that these charges,IF true, are impeachable. And Trump critics must acknowledge: the @BuzzFeed story isn't nearly enough to embrace the charges as accurate.

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