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Michael S. Medved is an American radio show host, author, political commentator, and film critic. His Seattle-based nationally syndicated talk show, The Michael Medved Show, airs throughout the United States on Salem Radio Network.
Born: October 3, 1948
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Education: San Francisco State University (1974), Yale University, Yale Law School
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Suddenly, a White House headline that may not be controversial: "TRUMP PARDONS TURKEY". Fortunately, this has nothing to do with the #Erdogan regime.

Turning against our murderous ally #PrinceMohammed in Saudi Arabia to uphold "morality", would echo the dumping of the morally compromised #Shah in 1979 Iran for the evil terrorists of the Islamic Republic. How does that benefit decency or advance the national interest?

On @CNN, #AlexMarquardt says #Trump's position on #SaudiArabia puts "money over morals." Actually, our links with the Saudis aren't just about $, they're also about nat'l security. Always easy to criticize #Trump, but what would US gain by undermining-or repudiating-this regime?

Bravo to @FoxNews & #ChrisWallace for a tough but fair interview with @realDonaldTrump! The @POTUS may not have liked the questions, but they showed that for Wallace & some of his colleagues, #FNC provides more than propagandistic, pro-Trump puffery.

The overall impression from the #MedalOfFreedom ceremonies has to be very positive, even unifying. @realDonaldTrump is clearly savoring the moment, and honoring a group of wonderful Americans who certainly deserve to be honored.

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