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Michael S. Medved is an American radio show host, author, political commentator, and film critic. His Seattle-based nationally syndicated talk show, The Michael Medved Show, airs throughout the United States on Salem Radio Network.
Born: October 3, 1948
Birthplace: Philadelphia, PA
Education: San Francisco State University (1974), Yale University, Yale Law School
Net Worth: $35 Million (


Why are Dems so eager to eliminate #ElectoralCollege? Because it would destroy influence of small states, which are mostly (VT,HI, RI excepted) conservative. If CA got electoral votes under same ratio as WY, ultra-lib CA would get 240 EV's- almost enough to pick POTUS on its own!

.@realDonaldTrump says "I've never been a fan of John McCain" so the obvious next question: "But, Mr. President, did you vote for him in 2008?!" Any answer's embarrassing: either he voted for a "non-hero" he now reviles, voted for Obama, or just didn't vote at all (most likely).

The selling point for @BernieSanders has always been his sincerity -putting the larger "cause" ahead of personal advancement. But if that's true, why run to become a 79-yr-old president in place of so many younger, more viable candidates who now share his socialist cause?

For those hoping for a feisty, smart, credible REPUBLICAN to challenge @realDonaldTrump in 2020, how about @MeghanMcCain? Yes, she'll be old enough (36) by election day, and she certainly masters him on twitter. Would love to see those debates!

Yeah, I know -- when it comes to the #MiracleMets the whole deal was pitching: Seaver (25 wins) and Koosman (17) had ERA's of 2.21 & 2.28, respectively. But still -- a miracle that they won it all in '69, year of moon landing & Woodstock.

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